How to pay your membership online

COPA is a sub-committee of The Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, and because of this we need to use our parent organization for online payments.
If you would like to learn more about the CNO, please visit

Step 1:

First ( if you haven’t already) go ahead and fill out our online form or print out a pdf and mail it into the office.
Corcoran Powderhorn Artists
c/o Corcoran Neighborhood Association
3451 Cedar Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407


Step 2:

Click this link or go to

Be sure to select Donate, not Become a Sustainer.

Step 3:

Enter the current membership fee.

Step 4:

Enter your information. Click continue, then click Continue to Paypal for payment.

Step 4:

Enter your information into paypal as a visitor or login and use your account.

When done with your payment, Paypal should return you to the CNO Website.
You can close this window, you are done here.

Step 5:

This step is very important if you want to complete your membership.
You should get a receipt from Paypal confirming your payment.
You must forward or just take a screen shot ( if you want to avoid sharing Credit Card information), to
We just need to confirm Name and that the dollar amount was paid.


Step 6:

Get yourself ready!
If you have any questions or would like to attend a COPA meeting, just get on our mailing list,
contact us at,
Contact our President Chris Sutton.
To check if your membership has been verified contact our Secretary Mary Jansen

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