Ebony Coles of The Zen Rock Garden


A young modern-day entrepreneur, Ebony Coles is very passionate about combining her diverse interests with one alternate purpose: To provide healing and inspiration. As an artist, she knows that it’s important to remember that without major sacrifice, there is no major change. I inspect all my beads by hand before I make them into a piece of work. I believe that each bead has a special way of communicating, so I have to hold and view each one carefully for my pieces. It is very time consuming but ensures a stunning design that will catch your eye. In my spare time, I am working on my Jewelry Designs. Stunning colors and shapes are what inspires my designs. I engage in a minimalist approach with each one of my handmade designs to bring out your inner beauty that will shine brightly for everyone to see.


  • jewelry
  • beads


Etsy: TheZenRockGarden

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