Chris Sutton


After my art education, I explored many avenues: gallery artist, scenic theater painter, prop artist, performance artist. I believe each has contributed to the whole regarding my interpretation of a career and I am grateful for the experiences.

One constant has been my desire to create- especially with tactile materials such as fiber, twine or charcoal on paper. The hands-on approach of these activities really speaks to me.

I like bringing some light-heartedness and wit to my pieces. I never do too many works in the same vein, call it a fault but I get bored easily and see no reason to repeat myself with multiple variations on a theme. So, with that said, I’ve enjoyed figurative painting and drawing, mixed-media works and fiber/macramé art- my current interest.


  • painting
  • drawing
  • mixed-media
  • fiber
  • macramé

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